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Focus needed to fuel next generation of HGVs

15 May 2014 #News #Top Stories

Producer of Liquefied Biomethane (LBM), Gasrec says the industry needs to turn its focus on reducing emissions from heavy goods vehicles in order to improve air quality.

Nick Malone, Engineering Projects Manager at Gasrec, says that while only 1% of HGVs on the road use Liquid Natural Gas or LBM, a typical vehicle produces as much as 25% less carbon emissions than the average diesel truck.

He adds this is the most effective way to improve the air quality situation, without compromising on the performance of these vehicles.

A number of technological advances have benefited the light commercial vehicle market, with the increasing use of both electric and hybrid technologies in vans.  Now, it is suggested, a greater focus is needed to see similar benefits spread to the HGV market.

But Malone adds it is not as simple as changing the fuel supply as hauliers and freight operators need to choose a solution that delivers sufficient range. He says this gives them two choices, either adopting a dual-fuel system or converting their current fleet from diesel to LBM.

“The heavier loaded and longer distance HGVs, which tend to use the most fuel and therefore create more carbon emissions, need biomethane in LBM rather than CNG in order to be able to achieve their driving range requirements.”


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