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Iveco crunches the numbers

01 May 2014 #CV Sector #CV Show #News #Top Stories #Truck

In an effort to press home the message that initial chassis price plays only a minor role in total operating costs, Iveco is launching a new TCO (total cost of operation/ownership) calculator at the CV Show. Martin Flach, Iveco’s Technical Director in the UK says, “Many operators are still stuck in the mindset that chassis price is a primary cost, it’s just not true.”

He adds, “Initial purchase price is between only 10% and 15% of the total operating cost over a typical first life.” It’s no surprise that fuel is the biggest at around 40%, with driver costs in second place at 27% on the Iveco model. It follows that anything you can do to improve fuel economy, will have a much bigger impact than haggling over up-front chassis price.”

Flach also pours cold water on those who point to Iveco’s increased use of AdBlue, typically 5%-6%, due to their sole reliance on SCR technology to achieve the Euro-6 standard. He says, “by rejecting the added complexity of EGR, we are also dropping operating temperatures to lift fuel economy and help longevity.” Flach is “Totally at ease” with a high AdBlue usage. Iveco’s TCO calculator has it at under 1%, dwarfing diesel. “I think I know which of the two liquids I’d rather use more of,” says Flach.

The new TCO calculator is live on the Iveco stand and will be available across its dealer network later this year. The 16 variable cost parameters allow operators to input their current data and see the real impact of each on their total outgoings.

Iveco is displaying a selection of Euro-6 models at the CV Show this week, with its Eurocargo range taking centre stage.

Having made its international debut in November 2013, the new Eurocargo features upgraded engines: the four-cylinder Tector 5 and six-cylinder Tector 7 engines replace outgoing Tector 4 and Tector 6 engines. Engine capacity is increased from 3.9 to 4.5 litres for the Tector 5, and from 5.9 to 6.7 litres for the Tector 7.

The Eurocargo Euro-6 engines house new technologies which help them to meet the tough new emissions regulations. Central to these is an electronically controlled exhaust flap which speeds up SCR warm-up in the cold part of the emission cycle, ensuring optimum reduction of NOx emissions.

Also making its debut is the firm’s new Euro VI Trakker on/off-road heavy truck, designed for rough terrain and incorporating hard-wearing features. It comes as standard with the company’s Iveconnect system, a single screen controlling infotainment, navigation, driving support tools and advanced fleet management services.

Iveco can be found on stand 4G10 at the 2014 CV Show.

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