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New proposal could see CV drivers fined for overtaking cyclists

13 May 2014 #News #Policy #Top Stories #Truck #Van

Commercial vehicle drivers could face penalty fines for overtaking cyclists on city roads should a government consultation come to fruition.

The new proposal highlights the concept of cycle streets, which to all intents and purposes gives cyclists priority. It means there is likely to be a speed limit of 15mph for all vehicles and prohibiting them from overtaking cyclists, otherwise a fine will be levied with both financial and penalty points being mooted as punishment.

The Department for Transport has outlined in its consultation of the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions legislation that cyclist safety is paramount, and that its various measures have been met with by support from various local authorities, including Transport for London, Manchester City Council and Cambridgeshire County Council.

Roads Minister Robert Goodwill said that the latest consultation ensures that consistency and that the roads become safer for cyclists and motorists. The proposed changes also offer local authorities greater flexibility to cut the number of road signs in use on their roads too.

“These proposals represent significant changes to the existing regulatory regime, arising from recommendations of a broad range of stakeholders as part of traffic signs policy review,” he added.

British Cycling spoke in support of the government’s consultation, but urged caution as the ideas in principal work for keeping motorists and cyclists safe, but to ensure these plans are carried out requires long-term leadership and budgets.

The government hopes this new consultation, which is open until 12 June, will give local authorities greater flexibility in cutting road signs and markings. The hope is that this will help de-clutter the UK’s roads and give a good platform to build and develop improved cycling facilities in line with other initiatives.

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