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Schaefer proving just the ticket for bus companies

01 May 2014 #CV Sector #CV Show

German storage and logistics giant, Schaefer has announced two new deals with bus spares distributors.

It has installed new shelving for EvoBus UK, and lift storage and retrieval units for Optare Unitec, in a bid to improve their efficiency.

Schaefer has supplied EvoBus, which provides aftersales support for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches, with new three-tier shelving within its Service Centre in Coventry, part of an extensive redevelopment programme.

The Regal 3000 modular shelving system allows the bus supplier to adjust their storage from single to multi tier as required, which is ideal for the storage of between three and five tonnes of automotive parts.

Optare Unitec invested money in solutions from Schaefer, as it looked to improve its spares division, and create an effective solution to relocate parts.

Since the Pickomat, shelving and racking have been installed, it has noticed a dramtic improvement in space recovery, security and cleanliness of stock, and greater accuracy in picking and the inventory.

Optare’s Derek Searle said, “The design of the Pickomat has ensured the best use of available space within our bus vehicle spares unit. The whole division has been sharpened and the operation now runs in a more sophisticated manner. An operator selects his appropriate order on screen and the items are delivered automatically assisted by a pick to light laserpointer.”

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