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Volkswagen increases UK van deliveries 19.5%

16 May 2014 #CV Sector #News #Sales #Van

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles boosted its deliveries to customers in the United Kingdom by 19.5%, reflecting a rising trend across Europe where deliveries increased to 104,900 light commercial vehicles from January to April 2014 (previous year: 97,800; +7.2%).  However, worldwide deliveries stood at 166,000, thus 2.4% below the level of the previous year (2013: 170,100).

In Western Europe, sales of the brand rose by 7.4% from January to April 2014, to 92,300 vehicles (prior year: 85,900). In Germany, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles posted a jump in sales of 3.3% to 34,300 deliveries (previous year: 33,200).

The rise of the market in the United Kingdom saw deliveries reach 15,250 vehicles (previous year: 12,800). Meanwhile Spain had a ramp-up of 43.4% to 3,000 vehicles (prior year: 2,100).

“Sales of our products in Europe are developing really well, particularly in Western Europe, where all of our model ranges are definitely in demand,” explained Bram Schot, Member of the Board of Management Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles for Sales and Marketing.

“For the T5 and Caddy we have added extra shifts to fulfil customer orders. The strong demand carries forward the success story of our products and confirms the high practical value they have for our customers.”

In Eastern Europe, deliveries of the brand increased 5.8% to 12,600 vehicles (previous year: 11,900). Stimuli for growth also came from Africa with 6,500 vehicle deliveries (previous year: 6,300; +2.6%), from the Asia-Pacific region with 6,950 deliveries (previous year: 6,200: +12.3%), as well as from Mexico. In Mexico, 3,600 light commercial vehicles were delivered to customers (January – April 2013: 2,900; +24.2%).

In South America, deliveries by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles dropped 22.9% to 37,500 vehicles (previous year: 48,600). This was due not only to the economically difficult market conditions in the region but also to the discontinuation of the T2 model series in Brazil.

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