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Tetrosyl gets on-board with nine new double decker trailers

03 June 2014 #CV Sector #Logistics #News #Sales #Trailer

News from Bibby: Bibby Distribution has boosted delivery efficiency for car care product supplier Tetrosyl, with the introduction of nine new Don-Bur double-deck trailers featuring the very latest in load restraint systems.

The new double deckers, in Tetrosyl’s Carlube brand livery, incorporate a new roof mounted bungee restraint system supplied by Don-bur.

The new restraint system comprises wide straps suspended from the roof with bungee cords. When strapped down to the side rave via ratchet buckles, they hug the load without damaging it.

The trailers also combine both a fixed upper deck and a moveable ratchet deck to give maximum flexibility.

Heavier loads can be safely stored on the fixed decks, while simply moving the ratchet decks can accommodate unusually sized loads. As Tetrosyl’s product range requires transport in a variety of pallet shapes and sizes, this makes the new trailers ideal for distributing their goods.

Barry Rennie, Tetrosyl Distribution Manager, says, “We were fully engaged in the decision-making process for selecting the new trailers, and the tour of the trailer factory cemented our confidence in Bibby Distribution’s ability to select the right equipment for our needs.”

Additionally, the outer frame of the trailers delivers further savings. Five of the trailers incorporate Don-Bur’s Ecostream design and will be used for night trunking operations from Tetrosyl’s distribution centre in Chadderton, to Bibby Distribution depots in Avonmouth, Glasgow and Hoddesdon. As these journeys typically take place over long distances via motorways, improving fuel efficiency is essential. Once at these sites, pallets are distributed on local delivery fleets of Tetrosyl-liveried 18 tonners.

The remaining four trailers maintain a standard frame, and will conduct shunting operations between the distribution centre at Chadderton and the two other Tetrosyl sites located in the Bury area.

Geoff Hough, Bibby Contract Manager says, “This has been a great opportunity to replace the 11-year-old trailers that had previously been used for shunting and trunking operations, and make distribution even more cost-effective. We visited the Don Bur factory with Tetrosyl and they were particularly impressed by what we were proposing for the fleet. We are very pleased that we have supplied a solution that delivers exactly what our customer needs.”

Tetrosyl and Bibby Distribution have worked together since 1999, with Bibby delivering products such as Carlube and CarPlan car care goods to supermarkets, specialist automobile stores and vehicle refinishers across the country.

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