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Top transport solicitor joins SOE

03 June 2014 #Bus and Coach #CV Sector #News #Truck #Van

News from the SOE: The Society of Operations Engineers (SOE) welcomes Ian Jones, Director of transport solicitors Backhouse Jones, to its governing body.

Jones specialised in representing PCV and HGV operators early on in his legal career, an interest which eventually led him to co-found Backhouse Jones in 2000. The firm has since taken the lead in dealing with road transport regulatory work, boasting the biggest market share of any firm in this field.

He was co-opted onto SOE’s Trustee Board, bringing his expert knowledge of transport legislation to the Society, which focuses on promoting safety and compliance in road transport through its Professional Sector the Institute of Road Transport Engineers (IRTE).

He says, “Coming from a different background to the other members of the Trustee Board I feel I’ll be able to bring a fresh perspective and add a legalistic viewpoint to the Society’s activities. The bar of legal compliance within the transport industry is being increasingly raised by the Traffic Commissioners, and IRTE plays a critical role in educating and training industry professionals on their increasing responsibilities and requirements. At Backhouse Jones we see clients after problems have already occurred and they are called to public inquiry; I firmly believe that prevention is better than cure and want to assist IRTE and SOE in educating the industry on safe and compliant operations.”

SOE President Gerry Fleming adds, “As a founding partner of Backhouse Jones, Ian shares a common goal with IRTE in promoting compliance and improving safety across the road transport industry. Ian has used his wealth of legal knowledge to support many of IRTE’s activities in the past; his appointment to SOE’s Trustee Board will strengthen the Professional Sector’s position as one of the leading bodies working to professionalise road transport today.”


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