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36 new ‘clean’ Arocs join Hope Construction’s 300-strong fleet

22 July 2014 #CV Sector #News #Sales #Truck

News from Mercedes-Benz: Hope Construction Materials, Britain’s leading independent supplier of construction materials, is bolstering its 300-strong concrete mixer fleet with 36 new Mercedes-Benz trucks.

The trucks are Euro-6 compliant, built to the latest diesel engine emission legislation from the European Commission.

The state-of-the-art Arocs 3236 8×4 B11 4-axle mixer trucks, each equipped with a McPhee mixer system, represents a huge investment by the firm and demonstrates its confidence in UK construction.

Hope’s continued focus on maximising safety was paramount in the purchase of the vehicles. They feature a string of active safety measures, including a vulnerable road user package, as well as a lane control system, collision avoidance and smart system which warns the driver if pedestrians or cyclists are too close to the vehicle.

The system, developed by Cycle Safety Shield, using Mobileye technology, works to mitigate the risk of collisions and road departure. Building on the award-winning lifesaving technology of Mobileye, the Cycle Safety Solution warns drivers when a cyclist or pedestrian is within danger zones, such as the nearside blind spot area.

All of the trucks are fitted with TomTom satnav allowing the driver to consistently take the most efficient route and for customers to be informed exactly where their concrete is at any given point.

Mike Cowell, Chief Operating Officer at Hope Construction Materials, said, “The purchase represents a significant commitment by Hope to providing our drivers with the best possible vehicles. They are the most advanced trucks on British roads and will benefit our drivers, customers and other road users.

“The purchase represents a significant investment by the firm and reaffirms our desire to set new standards in the UK construction industry.”

Driver Paul Gillespie, who took delivery of his new truck this week, said, “It’s great to be driving perhaps the most advance vehicle of its kind in the country and I look forward to making many Hope concrete deliveries across Britain in my new truck.

“The vehicle is environmentally friendly, efficient and equipped with a range of safety features the technical specifications are second to none, offering great peace of mind for all my journeys.”

James Colbourne, Head of Strategic Accounts for Trucks at Mercedes-Benz UK, added, “Partnering Hope Construction Materials with their latest fleet of Euro-6 vehicles has been an extremely positive experience. Hope requires vehicles that are safe, environmentally friendly, economical and robust and the new Arocs delivers all of this and more.

“This is the first fleet of 8×4 Euro VI Arocs mixers to enter service in the UK and Hope has demonstrated how both safety and sustainability work hand in hand.”

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