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Cardiff Bus gives its drivers remote access to back office system

29 July 2014 #Bus and Coach #CV Sector #Logistics #News

News from Trapeze: Drivers at Cardiff Bus are enjoying the ability to instantly view and manage duties, arrange swaps and send holiday requests from the comfort of their own home following the successful implementation of a new online ‘self-service’ system.

Having gone live in June, Cardiff Bus is the first company in the UK to install Trapeze’s DAS-Web for remote driver access. The system removes the requirement for drivers to call or visit the traffic office, which has been transformed to a scene of relative peace, quiet and efficient work.

The system has become instantly popular with drivers, but the admin team are also beneficiaries. Assistant Head of Operations Debbie Newton says, “The team are able to prioritise their work to be more effective.”

But the biggest impact has been operational. Simon Mohammad, Head of Operations added, “We were spending all of our time processing paper-based forms into the Trapeze Depot Allocation System. Now we are able to focus more on proactively managing our drivers; we estimate that moving to DAS-Web has reduced our administration time by 75%.”

As a result of the changes, Cardiff have been able to reduce the number of staff required to handle duty admin from six to two, enabling the team to focus on higher priority tasks that benefit the organisation. The traffic office no longer needs to open on weekends and driver footfall has reduced dramatically.

UK Managing Director of the Trapeze Group Peter Bell, said, “We are extremely excited by Cardiff Bus’s fast and successful deployment of DAS-Web. We believe the system revolutionises driver communications in this industry – Cardiff Bus are showing how.”

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