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FTA says operators on track to deliver during the Commonwealth Games

23 July 2014 #CV Sector #Logistics #News #Truck #Van

News from the FTA: “Let the Games begin” is the message from the freight and logistics industry – as the 2014 Commonwealth Games is on the verge of starting. The Freight Transport Association (FTA) is supporting logistics operators who are putting detailed plans in place to ensure the city of Glasgow is delivered to throughout the sporting event.

During the Games there will be an increase in demand for goods and services, but FTA is confident that deliveries are on track thanks to careful planning by the freight and logistics industry; the citizens of Glasgow, athletes and visitors to the area will be fed and watered during the Games. Shelves will be stocked, rubbish collected and the pubs won’t run out of beer.

Chris MacRae, FTA Head of Policy – Scotland said: “The Commonwealth Games should be great for Glasgow and the freight and logistics sector will obviously play its part in ensuring both that existing business customers of freight are still served as best they can despite the traffic restrictions that the Games bring, and also that the increased demand for freight due to the large influx of visitors is delivered. Any event such as this causes strain on the supply chain but freight and logistics businesses are good at working round this to make sure the shelves of shops etcetera are stocked with food.”

But it has been a ‘close-run’ thing, as Glasgow 2014 (the organising committee for the Games) was slow to release initial information regarding the freight restrictions caused by the Games.

As a result of FTA lobbying, both publicly and privately, the Games Route Network (GRN) and LATMPs (Local Area Traffic Management and Parking plans) were eventually made available, both providing essential data relating to affected post codes and details of businesses affected by their proximity to the Games venues.  The full information has enabled freight operators to establish with their customers who will be affected by the GRN and LATMPs, and helped them to plan how to maintain deliveries and servicing during the Games.

MacRae added, “FTA has worked from day one to ensure our members got the information necessary to help them plan deliveries for their customers around the restrictions that the Games inevitably impose.”

The Games Route Network went live on 21 July with the opening ceremony planned to taking place this evening (23 July). FTA will be providing information throughout the Games to its members supporting and informing them throughout the event.

Through its dedicated web page and regular e-news and traffic emails to members businesses, they have the ability to sign up to feeds to receive up-to-the-minute information, including the latest traffic updates and news which may affect smooth operations.

The Association has been involved every stop of the way to help ensure that, in spite of the restrictions that  are required to be put in place for the event to run smoothly, logistics can continue to deliver.

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