Three generations of AA saviours line-up to celebrate partnership with Motor Codes

08 July 2014 #SMMT News

AA Motor Codes

SMMT has been the home to a historic collection of roadside rescue vehicles this week, marking the announcement that the AA is to inspect all Motor Codes garages.

Garage inspections are one part of the trinity of customer confidence boosters provided through Motor Codes.  Its 8,000 garages are all Trading Standards-approved, inspected by the AA and open to online review by customers at

On show at SMMT has been the mainstay of the early AA fleet, a 1950s BSA M21, of which over 2,000 were made and a late 1970s Ford Escort Mk2 van, a vehicle praised for being tough and reliable.  These were joined by the latest, 2014 Ford Transit, part of the modern AA fleet that assists its 15 million members.

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