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Annual test fees change from October

15 August 2014 #News #Policy #Top Stories #Truck

Fleet operators of trucks, buses and trailers using a privately-run Authorised Test Facility (ATF) will benefit from lower annual test fees from 1 October. However, operators that continue to use state-funded DVSA sites will see an average fee increase by an average of 18.5%.

The decision, made by DVSA, DfT and the Traffic Commissioners, will see more than 80% of commercial vehicle examinations cost operators an average of 3.5% less than they do currently as users of the 400-strong ATF network will no longer be supplementing the upkeep of DVSA facilities.

Chief Executive of the DVSA Alastair Peoples, said, “There are now 400 ATFs across the country, and our strategy of providing bus and lorry testing at third-party sites is already giving customers the choice of using a more convenient, local option. By realigning fees we are now making this even more cost-effective for customers.

“With no general fee increases since 2009, and reduced theory test fees starting in October, we’re demonstrating our commitment to minimising costs for all our customers.”

The annual test costs for HGVs range from £91 to £137 at ATFs, and £112 to £177 at DVSA centres, depending on the number of axles the vehicle has. Meanwhile, re-tests range from £35 to £65 and £49 to £91 at ATFs and DVSA centres respectively.

The prices for testing trailers again vary depending on the number of axles on the unit, with ATFs charging between £41 and £64, while the DVSA prices it at between £51 and £84. Public Service Vehicles (PSV) annual test fees sees ATFs charging from £103 to £128 depending on the number of seats the vehicle has, while DVSA sites will charge £127 to £163, and even with the re-tests there is between a £15 and £20 difference in costs between the independent sites and facilities run by DVSA.

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