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Ekeri opens doors for Hammond Transport

06 August 2014 #CV Sector #News #Sales #Trailer

News from Ekeri: TJ Hammond, based in Billericay and now approaching its 90th year in transport, has added a multiple-access trailer to its vehicle fleet which will provide increased utilisation, faster and more flexible loading and improved cargo security.

Designed and manufactured by Ekeri, the new semi-trailer features a unique door system with central locking, which allows the load bed to be accessed along the entire trailer length on both sides and through the rear barn doors. This, reports TJ Hammond, reduces loading time compared to a conventional box van but retains the solid wall strength and security. Furthermore, given the concertina – folding door arrangement, wide and otherwise unmanageable freight can be placed in any position inside the box.

TJ Hammond run a diverse vehicle and trailer fleet to accommodate a wide variety of load requirements. A selection of small vans, curtainsiders, flatbeds and rigid vehicles operate in the UK and Europe often carrying sensitive and specialist loads which require safe and secure handling at a stable temperature.  The Ekeri trailer combines the loading characteristics of a number of vehicles thereby providing an all-in-one integrated handling solution.

Fragile goods which are hard to strap are secured using the trailer’s bar fastening system while flight casescan be loaded through the side, securely positioned and double stacked if required. Meanwhile, a unique, internal load securing system with multiple strapping points can also be used to ensure safe and secure transport of virtually any cargo.

For added load flexibility and ease of handling, a remote controlled tail lift operates independently from the tractor unit, thereby enabling the trailer to be loaded and unloaded without the tractor in place. A reinforced 2.5sqm plate tail-lift, with a 2,000 kg payload allows for heavier items to be loaded, while  secure side bars provide additional operator safety.

To provide additional freight security the trailer comes with a unique axle locking system, which requires a preset code to be entered before the trailer can be moved. This is particularly useful when trailers are parked for any length of time without a tractor unit.

Nick Curson, from Hammond Transport, said: “Overall this trailer will benefit our existing client base, which comprises event, exhibition, manufacturing and printing companies.  Its loading flexibility, strength and security will create further opportunities, not only in these markets but also in areas such as electrical, telecoms and high value goods.”

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