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Freightliner boosts its fleet with 40 new MAN trucks

15 August 2014 #CV Sector #News #Sales #Truck

News from MAN: Freightliner Road Services, part of Freightliner Ltd, has taken delivery of 39 new MAN TGX 24.48 6×2 Euro-5 tractor units.

An additional Euro-6 unit is also now in service as the company looks to improve on already outstanding fuel economy returns from the most fuel efficient marque in the Freightliner Road Services container fleet.

The MAN deliveries form part of Freightliner Road Services’ rolling replacement contract, which now sees MAN’s presence increase to over 50% of the operator’s fleet of over 200 44-tonne artics.

Freightliner boasts a ‘total commitment’ to improving driving practices and reports almost £2.4 million in savings over five-years thanks to a focus on its drivers. Savings have been recouped on wear-and-tear and, primarily, fuel economy which Freightliner says has regularly topped 10.0 mpg and, increasingly, 11.0 mpg on some operations – all at 44-tonnes. MAN continues to actively support Freightliner with its driver training programme.

“We’re expecting even better long-term gains with the Euro-6 MAN,” said Richard Branston, General Manager of Road Operations. “It’s early days but the signs are very encouraging. It’s very difficult for us to make savings as the average container delivery distance for our trucks is just 56 miles. So, the £2.4 million saving over the last five years demonstrates the massive commitment from our drivers and fully justifies our stringent training programme.

“MAN offers more than just productive trucks,” continued Branston, “I see MAN as a prestige brand; one that reflects in-built quality and reliability. And that extends to aftersales where the MAN network, and namely Commercial Motors in Newport, has exceeded our expectations. Inspection turn-rounds are extremely efficient and the MAN Fleet Management package provides fast, effective maintenance and vehicle compliance scheduling.”

Freightliner operates its 200+ fleet out of ten UK depots, with Birmingham one of its principal railheads and the national hub for Freightliner Road Services. Eight daily import and export rail services handle a capacity of 1,400 unladen containers and 450 laden containers. Covering a 28-acre site, the rail-freight terminal has expanded following the release of land previously used by P&O.

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