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Scania trucks provides free 10 year telematics package

06 August 2014 #CV Sector #News #Sales #Truck

News from Scania: Scania is further enhancing its commitment to provide customers with the best possible transport economy and efficiency by offering free activation and a ten year subscription to its OnBoard Monitor telematics package to the operators of Scania trucks built from 2011 onwards.

Existing customer subscriptions will be automatically extended to ten years, and purchasers of used Scania trucks, which have already had their OnBoard Monitor package activated, can transfer the remainder of the ten year subscription to their account.

“The proven economic and environmental benefits of Scania OnBoard, plus our commitment to deliver operators with the best possible transport efficiency, underpin our decision to provide this valuable service on a complimentary basis,” says Matthew Watson, General Manager of Scania Optimise Services.  “Today, all new Scania trucks are fitted with OnBoard, as are the overwhelming majority built from 2011 onwards.   For customers involved in international transport, OnBoard includes international roaming at no extra cost.

“Our complimentary Monitor package provides access to entry-level performance-including mpg, driving styles and carbon dioxide emissions. This can be upgraded to our comprehensive control package, which provides information such as live vehicle positioning and individual driver performance. This in turn opens the door to Scania Optimise, our leading-edge driver development and coaching service which has been designed to provide significant and sustained efficiency gains and cost savings.

“Importantly, OnBoard activation allows Scania workshops to remotely access vehicle fault codes, speeding up the diagnostics process and maximising vehicle uptime.”

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