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Ford’s complete Transit lineup consists of 450 models

22 September 2014 #CV Sector #News #Van

News from Ford: Ford is extending production of the all-new Transit to include the full line-up of more than 450 model variants.

Transit derivatives, now available to order from Transit Centres and Ford dealerships, include Chassis Double Cab, Double Cab-in-Van and extra-long L5 versions.

These new variants will debut at the 2014 IAA Commercial Vehicles Show this month and complete an unprecedented renewal and expansion of Ford’s entire commercial vehicle range in the last 24 months.

Ford is the fastest growing commercial vehicle brand and offers the freshest line-up of vehicles in the industry, with two-tonne Transit the flagship of a range that also includes the one-tonne Transit Custom, the smaller Transit Connect van offering payloads between 600-1000kg, and the compact Transit Courier van for small businesses and urban deliveries.

From January to July 2014, Ford sold more than 123,000 commercial vehicles in Europe, which was a 12.5% year-over-year increase compared with 2013. During the same period, sales of the Transit Custom more than doubled, sales of the Transit Connect grew by 53% and Ford’s share of the European commercial vehicle market rose to 10.7% – the highest level since 1997.

“Ford has delivered the most advanced line-up of commercial vehicles in Europe, offering unmatched coverage of the light and medium CV segments,” said Barb Samardzich, chief operating officer, Ford of Europe. “We created an all-new Transit family with outstanding capability and cost of ownership – and our sales growth shows that we’re giving customers exactly what they want.”

The first phase of all-new Transit production began in spring this year and included the standard Van, Chassis Cab and Minibus versions. The line-up offers customers impressive fuel efficiency with the extended choice of Transit ECOnetic models and delivers significantly reduced maintenance and repair costs, exceptional durability, increased cargo volumes and smart loadspace features. A second wave of additional variants includes new body styles, chassis lengths and the All-Wheel Drive (AWD) range.

Extended Chassis Cab-range

The full range of Transit Chassis Cab models now includes a Double Cab, offering space for up to seven people with the standard four-person second row seating, as well as the extra-long extended L5 versions, which are the longest production Transits ever built.

With a single cab, the L5 models offer an exceptional load length of more than 5.2m and 11.5m2 of cargo area when fitted with a factory dropside body. With an overall length of 7,797mm including body, the vehicles still offer a compact turning circle of just 15.8m.

The complete Transit Chassis Cab line-up offers five different lengths for the single cab (L1-L5) and four for the double cab (L2-L5), with Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) ranging from 3.1 to 4.7 tonnes. In addition to the factory-fit dropside body options, they provide the ideal platform for box bodies and tippers, or other tailored solutions from refrigerated bodies or mobile workshops, to emergency services vehicles or campers. For towing applications, the 350 HD and 470 GVM models offer an impressive braked towing mass of 3.5 tonnes and Gross Train Mass of 7.0 tonnes.

Versatile Double Cab-in-Van

Derived from the regular Transit Van model, the Double Cab-in-Van variant can accommodate up to seven people with standard 4-person second-row seating, along with a spacious and secure load area. Three different body configurations are offered, from the medium wheelbase L2 with medium roof, to the extended long wheelbase L4 H3 model with high roof which provides more than 10.5m3 of cargo space (measured according to SAE standards).

The rear passenger compartment has generous glazing with a flip-open window option for a comfortable and airy environment and all seats are fitted with three point safety belts and height-adjustable head restraints. For additional safety a full-sized solid bulkhead with window (fully compliant with the internationally-recognised DIN and ISO standards for load restraints) separates the passenger and cargo compartments, avoiding any intrusion of load goods into the passenger compartment.

Class-Leading All-Wheel Drive

Ford is also offering an advanced intelligent AWD system on the new Transit which delivers class-leading traction and driving dynamics. Compared to the previous generation AWD Transit, the new system offers:

  • improved traction in low friction conditions
  • full integration with the standard Electronic Stability Control and traction control systems
  • new AWD Lock mode for maximum traction in extreme conditions

The latest system is a fully electronically controlled AWD system which uses a high performance electric pump and AWD clutch coupling to distribute available engine torque to all four wheels and, unlike competitor systems, is capable of varying the front-to-rear torque distribution between 0:100 and 100:0 depending on inputs from the vehicle and driver.

Two different drive modes are offered: in AWD Auto mode, suitable for most driving conditions, the AWD system automatically distributes driving torque to the front wheels according to the road conditions and engine load. AWD Lock mode helps with more extreme driving situations such as deep sand or snow, and the system continually applies increased torque of up to 100% to the front wheels for maximum traction.

The AWD transfer case and front axle are fully integrated into the transmission assembly. The compact installation also allows Transit AWD vehicles to retain standard loading heights, with no reduction in ground clearance.

The AWD driveline option is available on a broad range of Transit van and chassis cab bodystyles, and will appeal to customers who frequently face slippery winter road surfaces and light duty off-road situations.

“With a choice of more than 450 versions, multiplied by all of the different options, the all-new Transit is ready to tackle just about any task,” said David Gregory, Transit chief program engineer, Ford of Europe. “Couple this versatility with best-in-class cost of ownership, and you can see why the all-new Transit is being so well received by European customers.”

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