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Government reaffirms commitment to ULEVs at Electric Vehicle Summit

18 September 2014 #Bus and Coach #Logistics #News #Policy #Top Stories #Truck #Van

Baroness Kramer has stated the Department for Transport’s (DfT) intention to keep the ultra low emission vehicle revolution turning at the Electric Vehicle Summit this week.

During her speech at the event, the Minister of State for Transport outlined  government plans to reach an ultra low emission vehicle (ULEV) majority by 2050.

Baroness Kramer said, “It is only by working together that we will achieve our ultimate objective, a low carbon transport system in which electric power is not only seen as a cleaner alternative to petrol and diesel, but also more viable, practical and affordable alternative for millions of motorists.”

She added that while momentum in the sector is strong at the moment, the technological revolution yet to come will surpass current progress, saying thatthe switch to ultra low emission power will be as poignant as the move to petroleum from coal.

Peter Martin, Deputy Leader of Surrey County Council, said, “It’s great that drivers and businesses in our county are fuelling demand for electric cars – that’s why we’ve gathered big names to the EV Summit so this innovative industry continues to boost our economy and the environment.”

One area the government is keen to build on is the commercial sector, with refuelling availability for gas-powered heavy goods vehicles highlighted as a top priority. Baroness Kramer also announced that £30 million of funding has been earmarked to boost the uptake in low emission buses.

Government believes that councils have a key role to play to get their communities to support the ULEV drive, and DfT has allocated £35 million to drive innovation locally.

Kramer concluded, “We’re not just making the most radical change to motoring for generation, we’re transforming the landscape of our towns, we’re slashing transport emissions. We’re creating many thousands of highly skilled manufacturing jobs, and working hand in hand, we’re securing a more sustainable future for our country.”

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