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Knights of Old turn to Smith Brothers and Webb to keep vehicles clean

01 September 2014 #CV Sector #Logistics #News #Other #Sales #Truck

News from Britannia: Leading logistics company Knights of Old, has turned to Smith Brothers & Webb again for a Britannia automated wash system to keep its fleet sparklingly clean on the road.

The logistics company has ordered a Britannia Strong automated wash system with water reclamation to replace the model which it has been using daily for the past 12 years at its base in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

With its motto of “Service with Honour”, Knights of Old requires the fleet, in its distinctive blue and gold livery, to have a smart appearance commensurate with its commitment to providing quality service.

Smith Brothers & Webb, the market leaders in train and commercial vehicle wash systems, won the contract because Knights of Old was impressed with its track record of reliability and responsiveness.

Kelvin Gingell, Group Logistics Director of Knights of Old, said, “We spoke to a number of suppliers and liked what Smith Brothers & Webb was offering with its Britannia automated wash systems.”

“We have found Britannia to be very responsive in the past and that was one of the reasons that we decided to stay with them. Britannia will listen and understand your requirements before recommending a solution, and they stick to their word.”

Knights of Old, which grew from one man with a horse and cart in 1865 to the multi-functional distribution company that it is today, complete with an air and deep sea freight forwarding operation, has a fleet of 206 trucks and 224 trailers.

Having provided years of sterling service, its old Britannia wash machine ran with a temporary repair carried out by Smith Brothers & Webb until the new washing system was installed.

“Disruption was kept to a minimum,” said Gingell. “Everything ran very smoothly and we are very pleased with the outcome. Smith Brothers & Webb worked with us to ensure a seamless operation.”

Britannia Director Andy Barracliffe said, “I am delighted that Knights of Old has decided to stay with Smith Brothers & Webb when they needed to replace their automated washing machine. Indeed they have been a customer for the past 12 years. ”

“It is a testament to the unrivalled washing quality of Britannia’s automated systems and to our excellent customer support. It is a pleasure to do business with a company that shares our commitment to quality.”

Britannia Strong, a three-brush gantry type machine, is capable of adjusting its brushes to clean rigids, articulated vehicles, draw bar trailers, buses or coaches.

A microprocessor control system automatically controls brushes to give a gentle but thorough wash to both small and large vehicles, and the horizontal brush control incorporates artic jump, back off, back on and draw bar trailer functions.

As a company which takes its responsibilities to the environment seriously, Knights of Old has had a water reclamation unit fitted to its bespoke Britannia model. This unit can reclaim up to 60 of the water used during a wash cycle

To ensure its smooth running, Smith Brothers & Webb will service the machine four times a year under a long-term maintenance arrangement, using skilled engineers who have been trained at the company’s base in Alcester, Warwickshire.

With a commitment to manufacturing in the UK, Smith Brothers & Webb has a global reputation for the unsurpassed quality of its automated washing systems for commercial vehicles and trains. It has more than 1,900 installations in the UK a percentage of which are worldwide.

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