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Fuso Canter goes live with 3D manual

27 October 2014 #CV Sector #News #Truck

News from Mitsubishi: The introduction of a new and advanced 3D servicing tool for the Fuso Canter ‘Fuso Animated Service Literature’ is set to revolutionise the service experience for customers across Europe.

Fuso’s Animated Service Literature system is now available through the European After Sales Portal and provides 3D animations and working documents. Compatible with most common operating systems, including Windows, iOS and Android installed on Desktops, Tablets and mobile devices, this system further enhances the Fuso Canter appeal.

In combining a mixture of both written instruction and high resolution imagery, the system brings to life technical data and provides a compact, reliable, touchscreen-working document that can be used either in the workshop, or, at the roadside.

“We understand that complex descriptions of service and repair procedures printed on paper documents can at times be difficult to follow in a busy workshop environment and, in creating Animated Service Literature, Fuso After-Sales Europe have designed an alternative system which is far more customer-focused and user-friendly,” said Sam Whittaker, Director Customer Service of Mercedes-Benz and Fuso Trucks UK.

“Using iPad technology the new Animated Service Literature system brings all service and repair data quickly to hand for the workshop technician. The benefit of this is twofold, vehicle downtime is minimised, meaning the customer’s vehicle gets back on the road more quickly, and we offer a more efficient cost effective level of service. Furthermore, any technical service updates are immediately available, visible, clear to understand and easy to navigate.”

In designing this system and making it available throughout the European Fuso franchised dealer network, servicing technicians have a clearer understanding of how both complex and routine procedures are best carried out.

When speaking with the vehicle operator when booking vehicle service requirements, any reported repairs can be viewed before the vehicle reaches the workshop, which, in turn, ensures technicians are able to familiarise themselves in advance with the correct working procedures and have both tools and any replacement parts ready and close to hand.

Whittaker continues, “Originally trialled in the UK and Fuso’s most successful European market, the fourteen trial technicians involved all said how user-friendly the system was. Once rolled out across the dealer network and, by using the FaceTime function via Skype, technicians will be able to start talking amongst themselves, share thoughts and create new ideas of how this tool could be used and how it will save valuable time.

“They also appreciated the technical support function which, with the aid of WiFi, enabled them to instantly contact the Fuso support team and with real-time photography, share what they are experiencing first-hand. Depending on their findings, assistance can be given with additional data and working documents.”

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