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Mixed-medium pallets improve impact resistance

01 October 2014 #Logistics #Other

Pallets are still a commonly used method of transporting all types of goods. Pallet collar frames help to keep loads secure. A new frame design combines the benefits of wood and plastic to maximize firmness and efficiency. “Luis light” pallet collar frames, from Klaus Kunststofftechnik of Germany, are made from the company’s award-winning Woodyplast NFC material.

The standard NFC material is comprised of 70 percent wood from European spruce trees with about 30 percent polypropylene (PP) and some additives such as compatibilizers. The company discovered that by adding ExxonMobil Chemical’s Vistamaxx polymers it could improve the material’s mechanical strength significantly.

The improvements, compared to an NFC in which Vistamaxx performance polymers are not used, are clear. Impact resistance is improved five-fold, while breaking elongation is increased from 2.6 percent to 9.1 percent.


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