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O’Reilly chooses Michelin tyres for its toughness

24 October 2014 #CV Sector #News #Sales #Trailer #Truck

News from Michelin: Dual Irish and UK-based haulier O’Reilly Transport Ireland is returning its commercial vehicle fleet to operating on 100% Michelin tyres after being impressed by the company’s multi-brand, multi-life policy which optimises the total life cost of every Michelin casing.
O’Reilly Transport Ireland adopted the full Michelin policy following a visit to Michelin’s Remix factory in Stoke-on-Trent, which manufactures tens of thousands of retread tyres each year and which underwent a £20 million investment programme in 2012.
David O’Reilly, Fleet Manager of O’Reilly Transport Ireland, says, “I wanted to see for my own eyes what Michelin had to offer us. I came away seriously impressed with the quality of the manufacturing process.
“We have also been running competitive trials during the last two to three years using a variety of tyres on our tractors and trailers; the Michelin product has consistently lasted longer than other brands.”
The customer, which has been operating for more than 40 years, believes that as the economy recovers, operators need to maintain stringent control of their fuel costs.
O’Reilly adds, “As we grow the company it is essential that our trucks are as efficient as possible. We are investing in our drivers and our fleet to ensure that we can keep fuel costs as low as possible. The Michelin trials demonstrated a marked improvement in fuel economy and longevity over the mix of budget and premium brands we previously fitted. It’s a win-win situation for us.”
As a major operator in the Port of Dublin and the Heysham Port, the tyres on its trailers were suffering from rapid wear and regular damage, particularly when trailers were being sent unaccompanied via sea. TRS Tyres of Morecambe, the local independent Michelin Certified Centre, worked with their Michelin Account Manager to find a solution.  Following a detailed analysis they implemented a full Michelin policy, including regrooving and retreading to maximise the value of every Michelin casing.
O’Reilly concludes: “We have received excellent service from TRS Tyres. TRS is now fitting approximately 80% of our rubber and we are confident that our tyres are being well serviced and maintained.”

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