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Palletline member introduces new restraint system

30 October 2014 #CV Sector #News #Sales #Trailer

News from Palletline: Palletline member Shepherd Distribution Services is thrilled to announce that its patented Guardian load restraint system is now in full production and available to the trade.

The cost-effective system, which was nominated for Motor Transport and National Chamber of Commerce Awards, is easy to operate, reduces insurance risks and most importantly ensures safety.

Guardian complies with UK legislation, costs considerably less than other systems in the market place and is adaptable for any sized curtain side vehicle.

Laurence Abel, Managing Director of Shepherd Distribution said, “Before we developed Guardian, we were concerned that existing options were too expensive and not fully compliant, so we decided to see what we could produce ourselves.

“Guardian fully complies with UK legislation at a time when the DVSA has announced its intention to step up enforcement in respect of load restraint on large goods vehicles, so we are delighted that it is now in production and immediately available.”

The Guardian transit restraint system comprises of three key elements which have been designed to be exceptionally robust, low cost, quick to install and easily replaced in the event of any damage. Guardian protects a goods vehicle operator’s licence from the PG9 roadworthiness prohibition.

The system is now being sold to truck manufacturers and has been trialled by other Palletline members, including Potters Logistics.

Palletline Operations Director Iain Brown said, “The Guardian restraint system, pioneered by Shepherd Distribution is a true innovation for the industry that promises to raise safety standards and save companies money. On behalf of the network I would like to congratulate the firm on Guardian’s successful launch.”

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