Transport Minister stresses government-industry collaboration for UK automotive success

01 October 2014 #SMMT News

Transport Minister Rt Hon John Hayes MP discussed his party’s approach to continuing support and encouraging growth of the UK automotive industry at the Conservative Party Conference yesterday.

Speaking at the SMMT lunch hosted at the conference in Birmingham, Mr Hayes stressed that it is essential for both industry and government to work together in future to ensure continued success, noting the necessity for a consensus around strategic issues. The Minister went on to explain the need for flexibility of public policy in adapting to rapid change, and preventing legislation from being restrictive to businesses.

Mr Hayes also recognised the need to establish certainty in the industry around investment, competency and human infrastructure, recognising that the best way for government to achieve this would by working alongside those at the heart of these key issues.

The Minister discussed the importance of keeping costs low to maintain competitiveness within the UK automotive industry, as well as encouraging growth within the supply chain.

As party conference season continues, SMMT will host a breakfast roundtable with the Liberal Democrat Party on Tuesday 7 October.

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