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Transdek to unveil DUET at Quiet Cities summit

11 November 2014 #CV Sector #Logistics #News #Trailer

Transdek UK will premiere its new Double Deck Urban Eco Trailer (DUET) at the Quiet Cities global summit, as it tackles the issue of delivery in urban areas.

The double-decker trailer manufacturer has sought to eradicate some of the issues surrounding city centre drops and deliveries.

Its new DUET trailer has been designed to hold up to 100% greater payload than a standard 18-tonne truck, a feature which the company says will help reduce the number of HGVs needing to be in operation.It is also claimed to cut noise and reduce fuel consumption and emissions, all challenges currently facing the logistics sector.

Mark Adams, Managing Director at Transdek UK, said, “From a logistics and retailing perspective, out-of-hours deliveries make sound operational sense. Moving retail delivery activity out of peak periods removes HGVs from congested locations and can also assist local authorities in meeting their environmental and social targets, including reduced vehicle emissions and improvements in both local air quality and road safety.

“As supermarkets continue to focus on the convenience store format, we believe our new DUET trailer offers a significant improvement to operational capability in city centres as it is designed specifically to carry high load volumes in urban areas.”

The trailer also incorporates quieter tail lift technology and a dual sliding door, which has been designed to limit noise by using acoustic panels and nylon slides.

Transdek will display and demonstrate its new inner city trailer at the Quiet Cities global summit at Twickenham Stadium on 25-26 November.

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