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Bernard Matthews reaffirms ATS Euromaster allegiance

13 January 2015 #Aftermarket #CV Sector #Logistics #News #Other #Top Stories #Trailer #Truck

Food retailer Bernard Matthews has renewed its tyre service contract with ATS Euromaster for the tenth consecutive year – a decision it says was based on quality and customer care, not cost.

As part of its agreement with ATS Euromaster, Bernard Matthews runs a 100% Michelin tyre policy, fitting the Michelin X MultiWay 3D tyres on its fleet of 30 trucks and X Multi T tyres on its 60 trailers. Transport Manager Jeff Helmore says he is delighted with the service he has received.

“Michelin tyres coupled with ATS’ expertise has meant we’ve radically reduced our replacement tyre costs over the years. It’s important to fit a premium brand of tyre, but you also need the technical back-up of a service provider such as ATS Euromaster to ensure they are kept running as long as possible and in the best condition.”

Technicians from ATS Euromaster’s Norwich centre visit Bernard Matthews’ site up to three times a week – undertaking fleet inspections and completing any remedial work.

As part of the inspections, Helmore is given detailed reports on the condition of his fleet’s tyres which enables him to plan which vehicles need servicing, helping eliminate unnecessary downtime.

The company also has access to ATS Euromaster’s 24/7 year-round roadside rapid response service, which means if any vehicle suffers a tyre issue anywhere in the country, ATS Euromaster will be on hand to get the problem solved and the vehicle back on the road.

“ATS Euromaster’s roadside service has been really valuable to us – getting vehicles back on the road quickly, regardless of where or when a tyre issue happens is a top priority and it really helps us achieve this,” adds Helmore.

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