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New CES smart tech brings solutions for operators

12 January 2015 #Bus and Coach #CV Sector #Logistics #News #Other #Top Stories #Truck #Van

Automotive technology providers including Valeo and Bosch have been showcasing their new technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Bosch says it expects that every new long-haul commercial vehicle in Europe and the US will be offered with internet connectivity as early as 2016 – bringing drivers and operators a range of benefits.

Bosch’s connectivity control unit is a small box connected to the in-vehicle network with a GMS module for communication, and a GPS module for location services, which can be used in passenger cars, trucks and motorcycles.

It says its telematics services provide greater transparency and a clearer overview for fleet operators. By using the on-board diagnosis system in the vehicle, journey and service data is collected, allowing operators to optimise operation and maintenance. Thanks to the integration of GPS vehicle tracking, services such as an electronic logbook and a theft warning system are also available, reducing costs.

In-vehicle emergency notification service eCall detects if a vehicle has been involved in an accident, and this information is sent to 24-hour control centre, which can contact the driver and alert the emergency services if necessary.

Valeo also demonstrated its InBlue virtual key system, that allows drivers to use a smartphone or smartwatch to unlock and start a vehicle.

Valeo envisions that this technology, available in the next few years, will also put remote monitoring of the vehicle’s fuel level, tyre pressure, mileage, service intervals and GPS location at the driver’s fingertips.


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