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3G twin camera system on display

18 March 2015 #Aftermarket #CV Show #Logistics #Top Stories

Intelligent Telematics will launch a new 3G connected twin camera system at the CV Show. The company says the two cameras can be installed anywhere on the vehicle as required. HGV, van and taxi fleets are among target customers for the system, which can be supplied with a European roaming SIM card for long distance operators. Single camera systems will also be on display on the stand.

The camera systems can provide full high definition (HD) quality video and can send an instant alert of accident or harsh driving events. The system is supplied with a web-enabled user interface. Designated individuals can be sent an email or screen pop-up notification if an event is recorded.

Available information includes transmission of vehicle speed, GPS position and g-force data, indicating driving that may include rapid acceleration, braking or cornering. Data is transmitted to a designated server using the 3G mobile phone network and HD quality images are available to view two minutes after the system has been activated.

Intelligent Telematics claims that the system is remotely configurable. This includes selecting the g-force level at which the system is triggered and remote diagnostics with camera “health check”.

Also available on the Intelligent Telematics stand will be partner Managed Fleet Services, a specialist insurance claims management company which can provide information on handling motor claims and how to reduce insurance costs through instant and first notification of loss – available using transmitted data from the 3G camera system.

The system could also track and log vehicle journey history, to help optimise vehicle use, determine what happened during an incident or monitor driver behaviour.

Intelligent Telematics currently operates in the UK, Europe, Australia, South Africa, the Middle East and the US.

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