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Connected and Autonomous Vehicles: The UK Economic Opportunity

24 March 2015 #Reports Archive #SMMT News #Uncategorised


In Connected and Autonomous Vehicles: The UK Economic Opportunity, KPMG for the first time analyses how the journey to full connectivity will transform Britain – expanding its industrial base, improving safety, congestion, efficiency and tailpipe emissions, driving up productivity and liberating space usually devoted to vehicles in urban areas. It forecasts that by 2030, every single new car will have some form of connectivity, while more than a quarter will be fully autonomous, preventing more than 25,000 serious accidents and saving thousands of lives.

This support gives the prospect of yet more success for a UK automotive industry already enjoying a renaissance, with car production up more than 50% in the past five years alone. Currently some 770,000 people are employed across the sector in the UK, with more than a fifth of those directly employed in manufacturing. The era of the connected car will see the industry helping to provide jobs for more than a million people.

Read the full report here.

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