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Lockdown system provides greater security for operators

25 March 2015 #Aftermarket #CV Show #Logistics #Top Stories

CV safety and security specialist Maple has teamed up with door manufacturer JR Industries to launch a new automatic, electronic tamper evident security seal with an integrated lock for vehicle doors at the CV Show. The system is called Integritas and has its own independent power supply. The lock can be activated with a PIN number or a touch-key system or both and can be set up to ensure the driver does not have the code.

The system can provide single use emergency access codes if keys are lost or locked in the load area. In these circumstances, users need only log in to the Integritas web portal and confirm the vehicle details to be issued with a single use emergency access code. According to Maple, the system operates with technology that has been certified for use in the aviation industry. The default setting is to automatically lock and seal doors on closure, but the system can be configured for manual operation too.

Integritas is wireless compatible and can be fully automated and operated remotely, including the provision of remote unlocking. In this case, the vehicle can be locked and sealed, preventing access even to authorised individuals on a temporary basis. Once the vehicle has arrived at its authorised destination access can be restored.

The system can provide an audit trail, showing who opened the lock and when and will log attempts to open it, highlighting anomalies in expected procedures. Data can be uploaded automatically to a secure server when the vehicle returns to base, removing the need to manually retrieve the data.

The system can be set up to generate automatic reports that can be emailed directly to a nominated individual. Alerts can also be generated automatically if, for instance unauthorised access is attempted.

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