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New app helps operators reduce infringements

16 April 2015 #CV Show #Logistics #News #Top Stories

Stoneridge launched its latest innovation at the CV Show, an app for an Android compatible smart watch, which works in conjunction with the company’s SE 5000 Exakt Duo digital tachograph and a smart phone equipped with the Stoneridge Duo Mobile App, designed to make it easier for drivers to interpret the information from the tachograph.

A countdown function means operators can see at a glance on the tacho display, phone or watch app, how much driving and rest time drivers have left.

Since the Duo technology was introduced, Stoneridge claims customers have seen an average drop of 60% in driving infringements. Analysing the detail further, the most common infringement was for drivers exceeding the 4.5-hour driving period before a break is needed. Customers have reduced this infringement by 67%. Infringements of the two-weekly driving period have fallen by 82% and of the total daily driving time by 61%. Reductions of this magnitude should help to ensure fewer fines and help to keep operators’ compliance risk score low.

Stoneridge marketing manager Victoria Tramma says that confusion among drivers led to the level of infringements. Since many tachographs are installed above the windscreen it is difficult to see the display, even with the countdown facility included. Using the Duo Mobile App on either smart phone or smart watch brings the information to the driver at a glance, while the watch will also give a vibration alert when the next countdown is nearing completion.

Stoneridge is also looking at introducing the Duo Mobile app for Apple iOS devices.

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