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New curtains reduce temperature loss in chilled vehicles

21 April 2015 #CV Sector #Logistics #News #Trailer #Truck

Seymour Manufacturing International (SMI) has launched its new Back-Stop thermal protection curtain designed to reduce energy loss from the back of chilled or frozen vehicles. They can be fitted as an option for new goods vehicles or retro-fitted.Back stop

The curtain provides easy access for loading and unloading and means operators only need to chill the part of a load space it actually needs.

It retains the required temperature even while the vehicle’s doors are open. On exiting the vehicle, the driver can press a button or use the tail lift to automatically close any panels.

The system is based on SMI’s original development for supermarket cold rooms and freezers and is said to save 25% in chillers and 33.3% in freezers. They can be made to any width or height and trimmed to fit, are fire retardant and easily cleaned.

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