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Unimog is ready for any terrain

28 April 2015 #CV Sector #News #Truck

Mercedes-Benz has re-shaped its all-terrain Unimog for Euro-6, with new engines, interiors and drive trains.

A new Euro-6 four-cylinder unit from the Atego light truck series, the OM934, has reduced the weight by 300-400kg and improved balance.

The shorter engine has been moved back by more than a metre in the chassis, contributing to benchmark agility with 44º and 51º approach and departure angles; a tipping angle of 38º, and a climbing ability of 45º or 1:1.

The vehicle has an eight-speed automated manual transmission with two ranges with 16 forward speeds and 14 reverse speeds.

Dry sand, snow and deep mud require a special approach to traction. The Unimog has long deployed portal axles that have the axle tubes entering the hubs high and off-centre for added ground clearance in forestry and mining work. This leaves the centre of the hub clear for the introduction of centrally controlled tyre inflation/deflation. Drivers can now choose one of three pre-set modes that go as low as 1.2bar for work on soft sand.

Other upgrades include a more refined cab interior and a single control stalk and axle articulation of 30º making it ideal for forestry, farming and as a snowplough. With a vast range of attachments, implements and bodies available, it’s expected that Unimog could replace the work of a number of




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