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HeavyTorque names Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Manufacturer of the Year

13 May 2015 #CV Sector #News #Top Stories #Truck

Mercedes-Benz has been named Vehicle Manufacturer of the Year at the inaugural Heavies awards, organised by the publishers of HeavyTorque.

An Arcos SLT heavy haulage tractor unit took centre stage at the event, which brought together professionals from the heavy haulage industry, whose votes rose Mercedes-Benz above the rest.

“The Heavies awards are all about celebrating excellence in this industry and our readers clearly feel that, in the SLT range, that’s exactly what Mercedes-Benz has delivered,” said HeavyTorque’s Editor Andy Adams.

The 250-tonne SLT range comprises Actros and Arocs variants in left- or right-handed drive. The wide variety of configurations and equipment options allowing operators to specify the perfect vehicle for every application.

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