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SMMT says diesels help reduce emissions after court ruling

01 May 2015 #CV Sector #News #Policy #Top Stories

The SMMT has reiterated that latest diesel engines are the “cleanest ever” after the UK’s highest court ruled that government must take action to cut air pollution.

The ruling came as a result of campaigners taking legal action after the UK breached EU limits for emissions of nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

SMMT Chief Executive Mike Hawes said, “Industry recognises the issues around air quality and is keen to see policy that reflects the progress made on vehicle emissions and wider challenges of CO2 reduction.Mike Hawes

“Policies to improve air quality should focus on encouraging the uptake of the latest low emission vehicles, while also addressing other sources such as electricity generation and heating, which between them account for more than half of NOx emitted in the UK (Defra).

“Today’s diesel engines are the cleanest ever: high tech filters capture 99% of particulates and NOx emissions are down 84% since 2000.”

In February, SMMT launched a campaign urging policy makers to recognise the vital role modern diesel vehicles play in reducing emissions.

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