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British engine manufacturing holds steady in 2015 with one million units reached in May

25 June 2015 #SMMT News #UK Manufacturing
  • Year-to-date engine manufacturing volumes on trend, surpassing one million units in May.
  • 1,038,110 units built in 2015, down -4.1% as new plants gear up for production.
  • European demand for UK’s latest low emission Euro-6 engines poised to drive exports.

Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said: “UK engine manufacturing remains relatively stable for the year-to-date and although May registered a drop in production, it is encouraging that despite retooling efforts for Euro-6 production, volumes surpassed the all important one million unit mark last month. We are optimistic that growth will return to the sector over the coming months as UK-produced Euro-6 manufacture gets underway ahead of the September deadline and major new engine plants come on stream later in the year.”

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