Jaguar Land Rover drives autonomous vehicle research

17 June 2015 #SMMT News

Jaguar Land Rover has revealed its latest innovative developments into autonomous vehicles, by showcasing some of its new prototype technologies.

The UK manufacturer has developed a custom Remote Control Range Rover Sport to demonstrate how motorists could be able to drive their vehicle remotely, controlling functions such as steering, accelerating and braking from outside the car. This new tool would allow motorists to manoeuvre their cars out of challenging situations much more easily, for example reversing out of a parking space if it is difficult to get access to the driver’s door.

Jaguar Land Rover has also showcased its ‘Multi-Point Turn’ Range Rover, with the capability to move autonomously through 180 degrees and execute three-point turn manoeuvres. The system uses sensors to assess available space and avoid pedestrians and objects, while taking over gear selection, steering, braking and acceleration.

These developments are in addition to Jaguar Land Rover’s advanced research programme to enhance a car’s sensing capabilities. The project is focussed on developing the range of sophisticated sensors necessary to make real-world autonomous vehicles a reality and able to drive in a range of environments and weather conditions.

These new technologies demonstrate the UK’s already strong position as a global leader in the development of autonomous and connected technologies. The development of connected and autonomous vehicles will help generate 320,000 jobs in the UK, delivering huge benefits to society and the economy. Click through to read more about the benefits.

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