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Charity issues guidance for driver training and education

06 August 2015 #Logistics #News #Top Stories

Road safety charity Brake, in conjunction with corporate driver training provider Driver Domain UK, has published a guidance report for employers with staff who drive for work on driver training and education.

Driver behaviour is one of the key ways many businesses are seen by the public. Educating drivers in safe driving behaviour can help improve a company’s reputation, reduce costs, and benefit the business – as well as helping to prevent accidents.

Driver error is estimated to be a contributory factor in 72% of crashes in the UK and at least a third of serious crashes on UK roads involving at-work drivers, so encouraging and enabling safer driver behaviour is essential to both road safety and safe business operations.

The report is entitled “Effective driver training and education in companies”, and includes practical advice and guidance alongside best practice company case studies.

One of the case studies highlighted is from Ocado, which operates more than 1,100 trucks across UK roads. A range of training and education methods has helped lead the business to a 17% decline in third-party insurance claims.

Dr Tom Fisher, Brake’s Senior Research and Communications Officer, said, “Training and education of drivers is an essential part of companies’ duty of care. By making sure that drivers have the necessary skills, and providing education to improve their attitudes and behaviours, companies can have a large impact on road safety – and their bottom line.”

Rob Morgan, Head of Driver Training at Drivers Domain UK, said, “We are delighted to be supporting Brake, who like us are passionate about improving driving standards and road safety. This publication is essential reading for any employer serious about making a positive contribution to road safety in their business.”

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