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Continental rolls out new trailer tyres

18 August 2015 #News #Top Stories #Trailer

Continental has launched a new range of trailer tyres for mega liners, which promise reduced rolling resistance and a lower diameter.

The Conti Hybrid HT3 is available in sizes 435/50 R 19.5 and 445/45 R 19.5, and allow an axle load of nine tonnes.  Compared to equivalent 22.5” tyres, they allow a better use of the three-metre internal load height when used on the semitrailers of mega liners.

A new tyre contour and tread design, together with increased shoulder strength, means the tyres should provide even wear and a long service life. Internal strengthening means that the tyres can be retreaded for continued use at an economical cost.

Continental also claims that rolling resistance is reduced by 15%, which will reduce fuel consumption noticeably on long-distance routes.  The tyres have been rated B for fuel efficiency under the EU tyre label system.

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