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In-vehicle video improves protection for drivers and operators

12 August 2015 #Aftermarket #News #Top Stories

Fleet software provider Greenroad has introduced a new in-vehicle video system, which it says improves driver behaviour and protects transport businesses from fraudulent claims.

The Greenroad system provides a live feed from a vehicle back to the operator’s headquarters, and automatically records any event it considers dangerous or important. Video immediately before and after any such event is also stored. Such events may be triggered by braking, acceleration, swerving and speeding.

By automatically flagging and recording events for review, operators and managers can find relevant footage without searchng through hours of recordings. The video system is integrated into existing Greenroad analytics software to give drivers and managers detailed insight into risky driving behaviours.

The video and data can also be used as evidence in the event of traffic incidents or claims against an operator, and can be sent to insurers ifor investigation and analysis.

Roni Raviv, Chief Technology Officer at GreenRoad, said, “Integrating video footage with safety data offers a ground-breaking technology solution for improving driver safety and performance. The insights that result from combining video and sensor-sourced data are highly actionable for managers.”

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