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Drone-and-truck delivery system takes off

30 May 2017 #Logistics #News #TNB News

An American-based company that builds electrically powered utility vehicles is testing a new last-mile package delivery system using drones based on trucks.

Workhorse Group is developing the delivery method using both electric vehicles and drones, eliminating the need for drones make individual trips from a warehouse. The drone will be installed on the truck so that once the vehicle approaches the destination, the drone will take off and deliver the package to the recipient’s address.

In February this year the company teamed up with delivery company UPS for a successful trial in Florida using the Workhorse Group’s Horsefly delivery drone. Workhorse believes that the drone-and-truck system will catch on slowly before becoming the norm for package delivery.

Using drones is particularly useful for deliveries to isolated locations and not only does it reduce cost, it frees up the driver to handle larger packages and focus on homes in areas with higher concentrations of deliveries. Delivery of small parcels to secluded homes takes up more time in a traditional vehicle, adds to fuel bills and potentially increases maintenance fees because of the extra wear and tear on the truck.

The Workhorse Group is currently working with the University of Cincinnati’s aeronautical engineering program to refine its drone technology.


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