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New initiative to recognise CV sector’s skilled workers

10 May 2017 #CV Sector #News #TNB News

Renault Trucks has launched an initiative to recognise the work of skilled individuals and their contribution to the commercial vehicle industry.

The #PROUDPROFESSIONALS hashtag appears on Renault Trucks’ latest advertising campaign, ‘Discover our Diamonds’ which focuses on the quality of the people behind the Renault Trucks dealer network. The advertising campaign encourages people to ‘rethink what they think they know’ about Renault Trucks, challenging preconceptions and asking them to look at Renault Trucks in a fresh way.

Renault has invested in the new campaign website, complete with a social media programme, in co-operation with Trucking magazine. Employees are invited to upload their story onto the web page, explaining and elaborating on their role within the Renault Trucks network.

Renault Trucks’ UK Commercial Director Nigel Butler

Renault Trucks’ UK Commercial Director Nigel Butler explained, “The transport industry isn’t getting the recognition it deserves. Our proud professionals are overlooked and underrated. This is something we need to change.

“All too often, the public perception of both light and heavy goods vehicles can be fairly negative. But the real truth is that, day in, day out, pretty much everything we eat, drink, wear, every event we attend, gift we give, every product we use will be safely delivered by a truck or a van that is operated, driven and maintained by #proudprofessionals; dedicated, highly-trained people who often undergo continuous professional development throughout their careers.”

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