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Wincanton adds 100 Mercedes-Benz Actros

25 January 2018 #CV Sector #Logistics #News #TNB News #Tractor

Wincanton, the largest logistics company in the UK, has ordered 100 new Actros tractor units from Mercedes-Benz as a part of its expansion plans.

The new vehicles are fitted with the latest Mercedes-Benz safety systems including Active Brake Assist 4, which has the capability to recognize a pedestrian stepping out from behind a parked car and apply the brakes automatically. Proximity Control Assist prevents the vehicle from getting too close to vehicles ahead, and when combined with cruise control it can maintain a set distance to the vehicle in front, reducing stress and increasing comfort particularly in heavy traffic.

The new Actros tractors are scheduled to be delivered to Wincanton by the end of January, and will see the firm’s fleet pass 3,400 vehicles in total.

Carl Hanson, Group Fleet Director at Wincanton said, “Maintaining the highest levels of safety is a top priority for us and for our customers and these vehicles are ahead of the game when it comes to safety, making use of the latest technology to make the roads safer for all users. These newer vehicles not only include advanced safety features but, as sustainability remains a key consideration for us, they will also help us reduce carbon emissions from our fleet.”

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