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Customer service at Volkswagen Durham shifts up a gear

15 February 2018 #CV Sector #News #TNB News #Van

A Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle dealership in Durham has taken an environmentally-conscious approach with some small but significant additions to its facilities.

Volkswagen Van Service is part of the Pulman Group and an Authorised Repairer, and its purpose-built location has been equipped with a solar panel array to power the showroom and its facilities with clean energy.

Customers visiting the location for service or repair can take advantage of the on-site café, which as well as offering free wi-fi and refreshments gives customers the option of a free breakfast or lunch. The dealership also has a small fleet of courtesy bicycles, which are offered to customers as a way to get some fresh air and exercise while their vehicle is being attended to.

Head of business, Michael Lines, says: “With these new facilities we now have longer to get to know our clients and develop relationships. They come in, work in the café, have some breakfast or a spot of lunch and wait for their service to be completed. The courtesy bikes have also proved to be a real success with customers taking the opportunity to get some fresh air and exercise while their van is being serviced. Having the additional facilities has really helped to make our customers feel looked after.”

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