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Maxus begins delivery of electric vans into Europe

15 February 2018 #CV Sector #News #TNB News #Van

Maxus has commenced delivery of its zero-emissions EV80 vans into Europe.

German operator Maske Fleet is one of the first leasing companies to offer the EV80 in Europe, with a recent fleet delivery to a Hamburg-based courier service. As well as deliveries in Germany and Austria, Benelux, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, France and Spain are to follow with pan-European availability by 2019.

The Maxus EV80 is available as a panel van or chassis cab, the former offering a cargo area 3.3 metres long, 1.77 metres and 1.71 metres in height, giving a total volume of 10.2 square metres and a maximum payload of 950kg. Offering a claimed range of 200km, the EV80 can be recharged in two hours when connected to a high-capacity charging system.

Pieter Gabriëls, Managing Director of SAIC Mobility Europe, said, “With up to 200km real-life range, zero exhaust emissions and short charging time the Maxus EV80 is an ideal solution for businesses operating in urban environments. We are analysing real-world performance data to demonstrate how businesses can successfully integrate fully electric large van into their fleets, as we ramp up deliveries and fully launch the brand across Europe in 2019.”

Andreas Maske, CEO of Maske Fleet GmbH, said, “With many cities across the continent planning strategies to significantly reduce air pollution, it’s vital that businesses have a viable solutions for zero emission fleets. By offering Maxus EV80 electric vans we can help our customers reduce their carbon footprint and allow them to meet strict emissions regulations, while reducing the operating costs.”

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