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Warning on London road maintenance freeze

28 February 2018 #CV Sector #News #Policy #TNB News #Top Stories

The Freight Transport Association has warned of damage and delays following the announcement of a freeze on all non-essential road repairs in the capital.

The Deputy Mayor for Transport, Val Shawcross, announced that non-essential road improvements would be frozen for two years following a lack of funds, and the FTA has responded, warning of significant effects on the ability of London’s business to keep the capital supplied with goods and services. Transport for London figures suggest that the route affected are some of the busiest in the city, with 30 percent of traffic carried despite the roads only making up 5 percent of the total London network.

Natalie Chapman, FTA’s Head of Urban Policy,  said, “London cannot function if its roads do not work. It takes 400 thousand tonnes of goods every day to keep the Capital working. But the cost of transporting these keeps increasing as congestion gets worse and restrictions on commercial vehicles are extended, with the introduction of the new Direct Vision Standard and Ultra-Low Emission Zone. Now we are told non-essential road maintenance is to be abandoned for two years, this is bad news for costs, congestion, emissions and safety. “Whatever the reason for this announcement, Transport for London must appreciate the importance of ensuring London’s roads can carry vital deliveries such as food, medical supplies and building materials. The suggestion that size or weight restrictions might be introduced, due to a lack of maintenance is entirely unacceptable.”

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