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Pentalver takes on new Mercedes-Benz fleet

19 April 2018 #CV Sector #News #TNB News #Tractor #Truck

Container specialists Pentalver have invested in a new fleet of 26 Mercedes-Benz tractor units.

The Actros 2545 models are all fitted with GigaSpace cabs and Mercedes-Benz’s Active Brake Assist 4 technology, and have already begun working from the Port of Southampton.

The Active Brake Assist 4 system uses multi-mode radar to detect moving and stationary objects, sounding an audible warning if it senses a potential collision. Replacing a previous fleet of Actros in service since 2013, the new vehicles were chosen for their high level of safety features, a decision driven by new owners, after being acquired by US-based Genesee & Wyoming Inc. in 2017.

Shaun Allen, Pentalver’s Chief Operating Officer, explained, “We had high safety standards previously, but the new owner has raised the bar by another substantial notch. Safety is a cornerstone of the Genesee & Wyoming business and its culture now informs every decision we take at Pentalver.”

Inspected and serviced by Marshall Truck & Van in Southampton, Pentalver already has Silver accreditation by the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme but will be going for Gold.

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