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Scania wins Green Truck award

12 April 2018 #CV Sector #News #TNB News #Tractor #Truck

A Scania R 500 has won the Green Truck Award for 2018, following a comparison test by trade magazines.

The Scania delivered an average fuel consumption of 11.34mpg and an average speed of 49.65mph over the 217 mile test route.

“The ‘Green truck Award’ is a unique comparison test since it has this total focus on what matters most to our customers from a cost and sustainability perspective,” says Wolfgang Buschan, Product Director, Long Haulage, Scania Trucks. “The fact that we won the award again this year is extremely flattering.”

The “Green Truck Award” is arranged by two leading German trade magazines, “VerkehrsRundschau” and “Trucker”. The participating trucks have a GTW of 40 tonnes and are driven under monitored conditions on public roads between Munich and Nürnberg. The fuel consumption and the average speed are strictly controlled and potential differences in weather and traffic conditions are eliminated. Low fuel consumption not only saves cost, it also corresponds with energy efficiency, reduced CO2emissions and increased sustainability.

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