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Volvo begins production of first electric truck

19 April 2018 #CV Sector #News #TNB News #Top Stories #Truck

Volvo has confirmed that sales and series production of its first all-electric truck, the Volvo FL Electric, will begin next year. The first trucks from the range are now beginning operations in Gothenburg.

The truck is designed for urban distribution, refuse collection and other applications with a GVW of 16 tonnes. It is powered by a 185kW electric motor and up to six lithium-ion batteries, which can give a range of up to 300km (186 miles). Recharging can take 10 hours on a standard charger, with a fast charge completed in approximately 2 hours or less.

“We’re immensely proud to present the first in a range of fully electrically-powered Volvo trucks ready for regular traffic. With this model we are making it possible for cities that aim for sustainable urban development to benefit from the advantages of electrified truck transports,” says Claes Nilsson, President Volvo Trucks.

“In order to make the transition secure and smooth, we will offer holistic solutions based on each customer’s individual needs regarding driving cycles, load capacity, uptime, range and other parameters. Such a solution may encompass everything from route analysis and battery optimisation to servicing and financing. Volvo Trucks works closely with several suppliers of charging equipment. The aim as always is to offer customers high uptime and productivity,” says Jonas Odermalm, head of product strategy Volvo FL and Volvo FE at Volvo Trucks.

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