Poland roundtable in Wolverhampton on 14 May

03 May 2019 #Uncategorised

If you are interested in the Polish automotive market or are currently trading and would like to explore further business opportunities then join SMMT, Santander and the Department for International Trade at a breakfast roundtable in Wolverhampton on 14 May.

Who may wish to attend this roundtable?

UK automotive businesses that either:

  • have a strong interest in breaking into the Polish automotive sector; or
  • are currently trading with Poland and would like to explore further business opportunities

Why Poland?

In 2018, the automotive industry was the country’s second largest industrial sector and forecasts predict further strong growth for 2019 and beyond. Poland is the fastest growing economy in the central and eastern Europe region, and across the automotive sector, growth is expected to be especially high in the aftermarket/spare parts, bus and coach manufacturing and electro mobility sub-sectors.

This presents great opportunities for new and existing supply partners – Poland houses a large base of automotive suppliers at each stage of the supply chain and there are a number of government projects supporting R&D development in the industry.

What will this roundtable cover?

Overview of the Polish automotive sector, with specific focus on the following sub-sectors:

  • aftermarket and spare parts
  • research and development
  • bus manufacturing
  • electro-mobility
  • experienced figures in the industry sharing opportunities in the growing Polish market
  • Q&A session

Headline Speakers

  • Malgorzata Olton, Automotive & Advanced Engineering, Department for International Trade
  • Krzysztof Drynda, Deputy President, Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone Advisor to the Minster of Entrepreneurship & Technology
  • Lawrence Freeman, Senior Counsel (Ex-European Counsel at Tesla), Bird & Bird

Note: Limited spaces are available and bookings will be on a first come, first served basis (SMMT and Santander reserve the right to accept or reject bookings).

Contact international@smmt.co.uk to book your space.

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