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ATT launches new bus and coach fire suppression system

04 July 2019 #Bus and Coach #News #TNB News

Alliance Transport Technologies has launched a new fire suppression system it says can knock down a fire on a bus or coach in less than 60 seconds.

Fully compliant with the latest UNECE R107 regulations the new system has prompted ATT to launch a new spin-off division – Alliance Fire Supression.

It has been developed in partnership with specialist supplier Reaction Fire Suppression and uses pneumatically-operated fire suppression technology to discharge a dry powder, the product is said to perform 40% better than single agent foam/mist technology.

The tubing used as part of the system is positioned in fire risk areas in a vehicle’s engine bay, to ensure fast and effective suffocation in the event of a fire.

Alliance Transport Technologies Director, Marc Haley, sayid: “Our new system doesn’t rely on any electrical input, which means it provides 24/7 fire protection.

“When pressure is lost within the system due to a fire, it is activated in under six seconds – the fastest reaction time on the market.”

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